Effective folk methods for the treatment of papillomas and warts.

Viral formations that grow on open areas of the body - papillomas and warts are perceived by many as a cosmetic defect. Elimination of these neoplasms is possible in various ways, traditional medicine can also be attributed to them.

But before you start using "grandmother's recipes" in practice, you need to know exactly which papillomas can be removed on your own, and what needs to be done so that they do not grow back.

Why do they appear?

human papilloma virus molecule

Papillomas appear as a result of human infection with the smallest microorganism: the human papillomavirus or HPV for short.

The infection can occur in several ways. This is sexual contact, normal and from mother to fetus.

HPV infection does not always lead to unsightly-looking growths.

To activate the pathogen, a provocative effect of one of several negative factors is necessary: a decrease in immunity, chronic diseases of the digestive tract, prolonged stress, hormonal failure.

The activation of the virus leads to the fact that it begins to multiply actively in the epithelium, changes the structure of the cells of this layer of the skin, and as a result, a small tumor begins to appear on the body.

It can take the form of flat or filiform papillomas, warts, genital warts that grow in the genital area, plantar papillomas on the feet.

The main danger of the formation of papillomas in the body lies in the possibility of injury and infection.

Warts on the external and internal genital organs can form in the presence of oncogenic strains of HPV in the body, and therefore may indicate the possibility of developing cancer. There is also a risk of multiple appearance of papillomas on the body from the first formation.

How to get rid of HPV at home?

You can also get rid of papillomas on the body at home using pharmaceutical preparations or some folk remedies. But before starting self-treatment, you need to make sure that the viral formation does not undergo degeneration into a malignant tumor.

This can be suspected by the rapid growth of the papilloma, the appearance of pain in it, the formation of ulcers and secretions on the surface of the growth. Such warts can not be removed without preliminary examination by a doctor and examination.

If the growth appeared on the face or neck, then it is necessary to carefully select the prescription, since some methods are not used to remove neoplasms on thin skin.

With the help of properly selected folk recipes, two goals can be achieved:

  • Eliminate an external skin defect.
  • Strengthen the immune system, which will prevent the recurrence of the formation of papillomas.

Choosing papilloma treatment at home, you need to prepare for the fact that it will take several days and even weeks. While the choice of modern removal methods most often solves the problem at the same time.

immunity boost

Strengthening the work of the immune system on its own can be achieved in several ways at once, these are:

  • Change the nature of your diet.You need to rethink your taste habits and addictions. The use of more vegetable, dairy, cereal foods, the absence of snacks and the rejection of sweets radically changes and improves the functioning of the digestive organs, which has a positive impact on the defenses. Do not forget about the observance of the drinking regime: a day you need to drink about two liters of plain water.
  • Vitamin therapy.An increase in protective forces also occurs with a course intake of the most necessary vitamins and minerals for our body.
  • Increased physical activity.Daily sports, walks, outdoor activities - all this is necessary for the proper and uninterrupted functioning of the immune system.
  • herbal use coursewith immunomodulatory properties. This group of herbs includes echinacea, nettle, aloe, ginseng root. You can increase your defenses with the help of a tasty and healthy remedy, recommended for both children and adults. To prepare it you will need 300 grams of dried fruits such as dried apricots and raisins, the same amount of nuts and honey. Dried fruits and nuts are crushed through a meat grinder and poured with honey, a lemon is added to this mixture, it must be twisted completely. The mixture is kept in the refrigerator, a large spoonful should be eaten before breakfast. It is advisable to drink this medicine with rosehip broth, this effect will only increase.

Hardening also helps to strengthen the immune system - spraying with cold water, a contrast shower. A positive attitude also has a beneficial effect on the quick elimination of any disease.

Treatment of papillomas with folk remedies

herb celandine from papillomas

Judging by the works of ancient literature, papillomas have been known to mankind for a long time, and therefore it is not surprising that there are hundreds of recipes for viral formations in the treasury of folk wisdom.

Most of them really work, and the sooner they are used, the faster the warts will disappear from the body.

Folk remedies to reduce papillomas on the body:

  • Celandine- This plant not for nothing bears such a name. The leaves and juice have been used since ancient times to remove various growths on the skin. To get rid of papilloma, it is necessary to drip fresh juice of celandine every day, squeezed from its stem. After that, the papilloma is closed from above with a patch. It takes at least 10 days to remove new formations, old ones can disappear for several weeks. Celandine for the treatment of papillomas is harvested for the future. To do this, a fresh plant, along with leaves and a stem, must be finely chopped and poured with olive oil. The ratio of ingredients is 1: 1. This oily liquid must be infused for a month. After that, it is filtered and used to lubricate the warts up to three times a day.
  • Walnut ointment.It will take three or four green nuts, they are crushed and poured with purified kerosene, so that a creamy mass is obtained. This ointment is applied to the wart, you need to put a plastic film on it and fix it with a bandage or plaster. The compress is kept for half an hour, repeated daily for 7-10 days.
  • Aspirin ointment.You need to take 2. 5 grams of aspirin, two grams of boric acid and 5% iodine in a volume of 2. 5 ml. Aspirin is crushed, the rest of the medications and another 100 grams of alcohol are added. All this is mixed and used to lubricate the warts three to four times a day. Shake the mixture before use.
  • Eggshell.You will need a shell of two eggs, it is advisable to take them from home. The shell is heated in the oven at a temperature of 250 degrees for at least 30 minutes. Then it can be ground in a coffee grinder or in another way, but in such a way that a fine powder is obtained. It is poured over papillomas, it must be covered with cotton wool on top and fixed with adhesive tape. The bandage is changed every two days and the treatment continues for three weeks.
  • Vinegar.It is necessary to make a ball with a small amount of flour and table vinegar, it is fixed on the papilloma. This method is best used to remove plantar warts.

If within a month the use of one of the methods of traditional medicine did not give the desired result, then you should go to an appointment with a dermatologist. After the examination, the doctor will select one of the most effective ways to get rid of HPV.

How to remove papillomas with castor oil?

Castor oil is obtained from the seeds of the castor bean. This product is widely used in cosmetology, the oil softens the skin, lightens age spots and freckles, promotes the healing of microcracks, and gives the skin elasticity.

Castor oil also helps with papillomas, since the oil contains some antiviral components and substances that promote cell renewal.

There are two ways to use the oil from viral formations in the body:

  • The first way is to rub castor oil on the surface of the formation. The more often this is done, the faster the skin growth will slow down and then completely disappear.
  • The second method is to apply castor oil to the papilloma and fix the adhesive plaster on top. This is done once a day.

Naturally, to get rid of a cosmetic defect in this way, it will take at least a week. But castor oil has many advantages: when used, scars and age spots will not remain on the skin, and this remedy rejuvenates the skin.

Cauterization with an alkaline solution.

There is an alkaline aqueous solution, the drug does not contain celandine extract, but it is so called because its effect is comparable to the use of the juice of a plant.

The drug has a cauterizing property, and in order not to harm healthy tissues and get the desired result, you need to follow all the stages of processing:

  • Initially, the skin formation should be well steamed in hot water.
  • Then the skin around the papilloma is smeared with a dense layer of petroleum jelly or baby cream.
  • One or two drops of the solution are dripped into the center of the formation.
  • The applied product must dry naturally. There is no need to close the papilloma.

After drying, black dots may appear at the base of the formation, indicating the beginning of an action that destroys the buildup. Papillomas can disappear in three or four sessions, plantar warts in 6-7 sessions.

Mix with a balm

The drug is used in the form of a balm and is used not only for papillomas, but also for psoriatic plaques and corns.

The agent is applied to the papilloma with a match or a cotton swab, it is necessary to ensure that the agent does not come into contact with the surrounding skin.

On the face and neck, papillomas should be treated for 7-10 minutes; if they are located in the neck, the procedure should last up to 10 minutes. As it dries, the stick should be moistened with balm. Papillomas and warts are treated twice a day, it can take up to 10 days to remove them.


  • The first review, a 25-year-old girl: "The balm began to be used when papilloma appeared in the armpit. I am satisfied with the drug, this growth disappeared after about five days, that is, one morning I just did not find it probably flew away . The only thing that bothered me was that it didn't have a very pleasant smell. "
  • The second review, a 36-year-old woman: "I had thread-like formations on the upper thighs near the groin after a serious illness. The doctor suggested removing them with radio waves, but he was tight with finances and , therefore, I began to search for external medicines. At first I used oxolinic ointment, there was no result, I accidentally found an alkaline solution in a pharmacy, the result appeared on the third day, and after a week there was no trace of my problem.