Removal of papillomas: which methods are better?

professional papilloma removal

Papillomatosis is a common disease of viral etiology, whose main clinical sign is the appearance of characteristic growths of a benign nature on the skin. According to statistics, more than 85% of the population is infected with papillomavirus. The virus can lie dormant in the body for many years, the main factor that provokes its awakening and the formation of growths on the skin is the decrease in immune forces.

The need to remove papillomas is due to the risk of degeneration of some types of neoplasms into a malignant form. The aesthetic side is also important: growths are a cosmetic defect. The methods by which papilloma can be removed are relevant and safe, we will consider later.

Causes of papilloma

The only cause that causes the appearance of benign neoplasms is HPV or human papillomavirus. The main route of infection is parenteral, in rarer cases, a home invasion method is possible.

After infection, the virus can remain in the body in an anabiotic state for several years until favorable conditions are met. As such, there is mainly a decrease in immune forces, the development of diseases that lead to a weakening of the organism and the level of resistance. The result of the activation of the pathogenic flora is the appearance on the skin of growths of various shapes and sizes.

papilloma on the eyelid

Benefits of wart removal

The need to remove dermatological neoplasms is due to a wide range of factors, the main ones being:

  • aesthetic defects;
  • the risk of degeneration into a malignant form;
  • physical discomfort - there is a risk of inflammation, bleeding.

The doctor determines the feasibility and the need to eliminate the external manifestations of HPV after a medical examination. The patient's complaint about aesthetic dissatisfaction can act as a decisive factor, among other things.

Ways to remove papillomas: which is better and safer.

The choice of method of removing papillomas depends on the type, shape and size of the growths. If they are insignificant, a form of drug therapy is possible, expressed in the use of topical drugs. In other situations, surgical intervention or the involvement of gentle, minimally invasive methods such as cryotherapy, electrocoagulation, and laser destruction may be necessary. In addition, the use of antiviral drugs is recommended, as well as drugs that stimulate the body's increased resistance.

Removal of papillomas with laser, advantages.

The method of destruction of growths with a laser is positioned as conservative. The use of this method eliminates most complications, guarantees a high result and has a minimum of contraindications. The undeniable advantages of laser therapy are:

  • Sterility. It does not imply any risk of infection of the treated area.
  • The minimum level of trauma due to the direction of the laser beam. This technique completely eliminates the effect of the laser on healthy tissues and mucous membranes.
  • The ability to remove large neoplasms, as well as those located in mucous tissues, in intimate areas and in the oral cavity.

It is not appropriate to use laser therapy only in some cases where there is a risk of malignancy, that is, degeneration into a malignant form. This is due to the fact that during the procedure pathogenic tissues evaporate, which excludes the possibility of histological examination of biological materials.

papilloma hardware removal

Preparation for the papillomas removal procedure.

Two weeks before the procedure, the patient is recommended to refuse to visit the solarium, stay in direct sunlight and bathe with medication. It is also important to apply a cream to the skin that protects against ultraviolet radiation, to exclude visits to saunas and baths. It is mandatory to undergo a medical examination, get advice from a dermatologist and oncologist.

Laser removal of papillomas on the face.

Before the appearance of cosmetic defects in the skin of the face, the use of pulsed or erbium laser units is recommended. These techniques are characterized by smooth action and a high level of effectiveness. The main advantage is that there is no risk of scarring and scarring in the treated area. With large sizes of growths, it is possible to repeat the session.

Laser removal of papilloma on the eyelid.

When the tissues of the eyelids are affected, as a rule, a pulsed laser device is used, which completely destroys the capillaries inside the formation, completely eliminating the risk of their re-growth. Due to the increased sensitivity of the affected area, local anesthetics are required before starting the procedure.

Laser removal of papilloma on the lip.

The mucous tissues of the lips also have increased sensitivity, which requires the use of anesthetics and the use of an impulse device. Laser therapy allows you to quickly and painlessly get rid of pathological growths, eliminating the possibility of complications.

Laser tongue papilloma removal

The process of processing the mucous tissues of the tongue with laser radiation is fully consistent with the methods of therapy for other areas. The only exception in this case is the rules of the rehabilitation period. Therefore, to avoid discomfort, the patient is recommended to follow a moderate diet that excludes spicy foods and alcohol.

Removal of papillomas by laser in intimate places.

Growths that appear on the skin and mucosal tissues of the genital organs are called genital warts. The use of laser therapy in this case is considered the most effective and relevant method. Exposure to radiation minimizes the risk of infection and pain. In addition, it is required to take immunomodulatory and antiviral agents that help restore the body's immune forces.

Removal of papillomas on the body

The choice of the method of laser therapy for the appearance of growths on the body depends on their characteristics and area of \u200b\u200blocation. If neoplasms are found in areas of greater sensitivity, the use of local anesthetics may be necessary to avoid pain. In case the formations are numerous or particularly large, it may be necessary to repeat the procedure.

Laser removal of papillomas: actions after the procedure.

After the procedure to remove papillomas, the patient must follow some rules for caring for the treated areas:

  • For several days after the invasive intervention, it is important to exclude moisture from the treated area.
  • Within a month, it is required to refuse to visit the solarium and natural tanning. When you go out, be sure to wear sunscreen.
  • Two weeks you can not visit the sauna, bath and swimming pools.
  • If necessary, it is recommended to treat wounds with drugs that promote healing. When choosing, it is recommended to consult a doctor.
  • When treating facial skin, it is important to abandon caring and decorative cosmetics.

In some cases, additional skin care measures may be recommended to the patient.

Laser removal of papillomas in children.

The use of this technique in the treatment of children is the most relevant. The following criteria are important: no pain, minimal discomfort during the rehabilitation period, a high level of efficiency. The possibility of using laser therapy is determined by a specialist after a medical examination.

Photos before and after laser papilloma removal.

To assess the effectiveness of laser therapy, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with photos that clearly demonstrate the results of its implementation.

before and after laser papilloma removal photo 1before and after laser papilloma removal photo 2

laser papilloma removal price

The cost of the procedure depends on the size of the neoplasms and the specifics of the equipment used, the region of location and the level of the clinic, as well as a number of other factors.

Is it dangerous to treat papillomas at home?

In the absence of risk of malignancy and neoplasms of small size, it is allowed to carry out the procedure at home using self-prepared means. However, before starting treatment, consultation with a doctor is required to exclude the risk of malignancy of the growths.

How to remove papillomas with tea tree oil

The easiest way to apply the oil is as follows: first you need to make a hole in the patch and stick it on the growth in such a way as to protect healthy tissue. It is required to treat the neoplasm no more than three times a day with a cotton swab. It is necessary to carry out procedures until the problem completely disappears.

How to remove papillomas with walnut and kerosene.

Based on kerosene and green nuts, a medicinal tincture is prepared through which the affected areas are treated. To prepare it, the above ingredients must be mixed in equal proportions and then left to infuse for three weeks. It is required to process warts at least three times a day until they completely disappear.

How to remove papillomas with laundry soap

Laundry soap is an effective remedy to get rid of many cosmetic flaws. To remove growths, it is enough to regularly apply a thick layer of soap to the affected area, which should be left for several hours. For greater effectiveness, you can bandage the treated area. It is necessary to perform procedures until positive results are obtained.