Wart treatment with folk remedies: a review of effective methods.

Home remedies for warts are a complex of products of natural origin intended to combat benign neoplasms in the form of nodules or papillae, the appearance of which is usually caused by a virus. This method of treatment has been popular for a long time and is often used to remove warts in children.

home remedies for warts

Types and places of location.

There are several types of warts:

  • simple;
  • flat;
  • palmar-plantar;
  • filiform;
  • senile.

Simple or vulgar neoplasms are observed in 70% of cases. Children are subject to them. They have a rounded appearance, they do not exceed the size of a pea. The surface is hard with keratinized areas, gray, flesh-colored, or yellow with brown. Its localization is noted on the child's hands, fingers, face or edge of the lips. In rare cases, on the oral mucosa.

Does juvenile flat occur in children and young adults? They are small in size, smooth in appearance, rounded or polygonal in shape. They appear in the plural on the palm or foot, oral mucosa. They are found on the penis and cervix.

Adults suffer from palmoplantar warts. They resemble calluses, making diagnosis difficult. It can cause pain when walking with localization in the foot.

The filamentous ones are flesh-colored or dark brown. It may consist of thin stems. They can be found on the neck, eyelids, armpits, in the groin, and under the mammary glands. The appearance is due to the presence of a virus, but with a hormonal imbalance, they begin to multiply faster.

Older people are susceptible to senile warts. These brown or scarlet growths occur on the hands, knees, sometimes under the hair on the head. Over time, they can change color and darken.

How decoctions, tinctures and compresses help get rid of warts

Alternative medicine offers several options to treat warts with traditional methods. Tinctures, decoctions, compresses from various plants are used. Most often, celandine is used to remove growths. It is famous for its antiseptic effect, effectively reduces neoplasms.

Treatment with decoctions can include two types of application: to eliminate the virus itself and its external manifestation. You can get rid of a wart with folk recipes if you approach the process reasonably and consistently.

If you are going to use decoctions internally, consult a doctor, study the beneficial properties of the plants that are included in this collection.

herbs and spices for warts

To eliminate HPV in the body, it is necessary to increase the protective properties of the body. For this, various tinctures are prepared with chamomile, echinacea, linden and eleutherococcus senticosus. They are made in equal proportions, let stand for half an hour and take 50 grams every day after meals.

Wormwood compress has proven to be an effective remedy to remove warts. 3 art. Spoons of herbs are poured with boiling water, after which the mixture is infused for 2 hours in an airtight container. The compress is applied to the affected area until complete recovery.

Wart removal with folk remedies is also possible with the help of compresses from celandine, calendula and aloe. They can be alternated or combined with each other. For the procedure, it is optimal to use a bandage bandage, which is fixed to the growth. Compresses are effective in removing plantar warts using traditional methods.

Effective homemade recipes

The question of how to remove warts with folk remedies worries many people. There are several reasons why a patient chooses alternative medicine. This may be mistrust of doctors, the small age of the child, at which it is undesirable to use aggressive chemicals. The advantage of removing warts with folk remedies is also the availability of components. Consider the most common recipes that use natural substances that can be found in almost every home.


Garlic for warts has been known for a long time. Its antiseptic properties help slow the development of growths and antifungal action helps fight viruses in the body. Wart removal occurs by applying grated garlic to the affected area. The procedure is carried out daily until the growth disappears.


An effective remedy is the refreshment of the appearance and spread of skin formations, which are localized on the sole of the foot. To do this, add soda to hot water and steam your leg in it. When the papilloma softens, cut it off, treat it with iodine and bandage it for a while. Repeat the procedure until the root of the growth can be cut.


Hydrogen peroxide from warts is applied to the neoplasm with a cotton pad. Please note that the solution should be smeared only on the affected area, excluding healthy tissue.


Wart removal with folk remedies is also done with iodine. I use it, like peroxide, for growths, excluding contact with the skin around the papilloma. Performing the procedure regularly, you will see that after some time the neoplasm will reduce in size.


Raw potatoes are included in recipes for warts using folk methods. To do this, the root crop is rubbed, its juice is applied in the form of a compress to the affected area.

Apple juice

Wart removal is carried out with apple juice. For 10 days, they are smeared with a skin growth to remove its body and root.


Lemon is considered a folk remedy for neoplasms. Its juice acts as an acid that corrodes unwanted formations, which after a while dry up and fall off.


How to get rid of warts with home remedies quickly and without problems? The quinoa plant will help. The ashes of this plant are rubbed on the papilloma, either on a finger or on a leg.

Herbs and medicinal plants

Experienced healers know that with the help of familiar herbs, you can get rid of skin growths. We offer popular recipes that will help to overcome skin manifestations of the virus.

dandelion roots

An ointment can be prepared from the juice of dandelion roots. To do this, butter is added to the plant in a ratio of 1: 4. The resulting ointment is used to remove warts, applying the mixture 2-3 times a day.

flax seed oil for warts


Celandine is a well-known plant against skin growths of various types. Its juice is used in the treatment of papillomas, condylomas and warts. Apply the extract drop by drop, only in the damaged area, without exceeding the indicated dose. After 2 weeks, the growth should dry out and fall off on its own. Calendula has an antibacterial effect, soothes and relieves irritation. The plant can be used in combination with other herbs and on its own. Calendula for warts is used as a compress. The juice is applied to a cotton swab and left overnight.


Another popular recipe is based on bee products. Propolis for warts is used with alcohol to make a tincture. Add the ingredients in equal proportions. The solution is lubricated with growths twice a day until they are completely dry.

tea tree oil

Essential oils have a broad spectrum of activity and are often used in alternative medicine. To test the effect of these remedies, we suggest using tea tree oil for warts. It is applied to the skin area several times a day until completely healed.

aloe juice

A plant that is used in many areas is aloe. Contains useful substances that inhibit the development of neoplasms and promote skin regeneration. Aloe for warts for home methods is used in the form of a suspension, which is applied under a gauze bandage and kept for a long time for two weeks.

Other home remedies

The above wart removal recipes are not the only ones. There are many ways to alleviate the situation and stop the development of the virus.

A banana skin is often used, which is fixed on the inside of the growth. The use of acetic acid in combination with flour is considered effective. These ingredients are taken in a ratio of 1: 2 to make a paste-like dough. It is fixed with a bandage and adhesive plaster on the papilloma and is kept for a certain time. The bandage is then changed.

Thinking about how to remove large and small warts? You can combine different recipes with each other, combining and alternating procedures. The main thing is not to overdo it. As an additional means, aromatherapy sessions are used, castor oil is rubbed into the skin formations. Garlic wart removal and treatment can be combined with aloe juice. The mixture is prepared in a 1: 1 ratio and applied to growth 2 times a day.

Also do not forget that a positive attitude also affects the course of getting rid of skin formations with home methods. Therefore, be patient and perform the procedures regularly.

Precautions and contraindications

Despite the naturalness of the described means, they have their own rules of use, which must be taken into account before starting therapy.

Some components can cause allergic reactions, before applying to the affected area, we recommend carrying out a compatibility test. To do this, a little money is applied to the elbow and the result is observed. In the absence of allergies, the skin should remain unchanged, without redness and itching.

Treating warts with hydrogen peroxide or other ingredients will not eliminate the main cause - the presence of the human papillomavirus in the body. Treatment should be approached comprehensively, strengthening the immune system and affecting growths.

Alternative medicine is not always effective, so if you find that if you follow all the recipes and the rules for using them, the growths continue to develop, immediately seek help from a specialist!