Celandine from warts: rules of use and contraindications

A wart or papilloma is a growth on the surface of the skin caused by HPV. Benign tumor growths mar the appearance and can cause pain and discomfort to the wearer. To avoid unpleasant consequences, it is recommended to dispose of the items. Often used celandine from warts, the method can be used in the absence of the opportunity to go to the hospital.

celandine herb for warts

Pros and cons of wart removal with celandine

Formations are easy to damage, scratch, tear - blood will come out, and an open wound will appear. Modern medicine offers different methods of removing warts. Not all methods are equally effective and available, some can be painful. Not all clinics have lasers, cauterization with liquid nitrogen and other chemicals is unpleasant, it leaves sequels in the form of scars, like a surgical operation.

Celandine is a wild, perennial, poisonous herb of the poppy family, with lyre-shaped dark green leaves, small yellow flowers, a straight, bushy stem, up to 100 cm tall. Fresh juice has an orange color. Removing skin growths with celandine has its pros and cons:

Advantage Defects
The procedure is free, the plant is found everywhere in the temperate zone Only plants collected during the flowering period (May-June, in some cold areas June-July) have a therapeutic effect.
Natural product Individual allergic reaction and low pain threshold
Strengthens local immunity. Fresh juice is hard to come by in a big city
Destroys HPV in the area of application, prevents further spread of infection. Preparations based on it can cause pain and burning; a wound, burn, scar may remain at the application site
It has bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties. long-term treatment
painless release Not to be used in intimate areas.
Effective in locating growths on the arms and legs (fingers, hands, feet, heels), with caution can be used on the face, neck, body It cannot be used to treat malignant neoplasms.
The desired result is achieved - the warts completely disappear. -

Instructions for use of celandine

Successful therapy with celandine for warts requires following the instructions for use.

You need to act in stages:

  • wash the plant well and keep it in hot water so that the wart and the adjacent skin are vaporized, so that the product penetrates better into the tissues;
  • break the stem of the plant, drops of juice will appear on the cut;
  • quickly and accurately cover the wart and a little adjacent skin with liquid;
  • it is necessary to smear twice a day;
  • The processing must continue until the complete disappearance of education.

Celandine juice is not stored, and the suitability of the plant for the treatment of warts is only two months a year. You can use a plant extract, preparations and formulations based on it. Most of them are sold in pharmacies, used externally, each comes with instructions for use. Active substances are in concentrated form, they have a strong effect.

Mountain celandine juice

The drug is a pharmacological balm, which, in addition to the juice of the substance, includes extracts from other medicinal plants. Easily removes small elements, suppresses papillomavirus in the treated area. Use:

  • it is necessary to steam the skin;
  • soak a cotton swab in the liquid;
  • press it against the wart for a few minutes (face - 8, body - 10);
  • if the drug is packed in a small beaker with a ground stopper, then a drop of balm is easily applied with an applicator to the center of the formation;
  • the place covered with the preparation should be smaller than the surface of the growth so as not to damage healthy tissues;
  • keratinized particles periodically exfoliate, but do not adhere to blood;
  • treat the wart every 12 hours;
  • The course of treatment lasts from 3 to 10 days.

On the basis of celandine juice, you can prepare a homemade ointment. It is effective, easy and safe to use, does not damage healthy tissue, requires no special preparation, and is easy to apply.

The recipe is simple: combine equal parts of juice and glycerin. Vinegar and garlic juice have a burning effect. If you mix them with flour, you can cover the warts.

Solution or extract from a pharmacy.

While the celandine is in bloom, you can store the extract throughout the year. Acquisition stages:

  • collect 1 kg of stems and leaves, rinse, dry;
  • Scroll the raw materials several times in a meat grinder, chop with a blender or food processor;
  • fold the resulting pulp into several layers of gauze or thin cloth;
  • squeeze the juice into a container, made of opaque or dark glass (do not use metal, as it will oxidize the active substances);
  • put in dark and heat for 7 days to obtain a fermentation reaction;
  • open the container, or make a hole in the lid for the release of gases, wait another 7 days;
  • complete with medical ethyl alcohol (95%), in proportion to 1 part of celandine 2 parts of alcohol.

It turns out alcohol tincture. The plant extract is manufactured industrially and is sold in a pharmacy, suitable for immediate use. The wart should be smeared with it 4-5 times a day, without touching healthy tissues. After 2-3 weeks, the growth will completely disappear.

High temperature boiling water destroys vitamins and other active substances, beneficial properties are lost. A decoction of celandine is ineffective and is rarely used to combat warts.

Aqueous alkali solution

This is a complex chemical compound, which does not contain plant components. The drug is effective in the fight against warts and plantar papillomas. Thanks to its gel-like consistency, it is easy to apply, does not spread and is quickly absorbed. Application mode:

  • the skin is pre-steamed;
  • adjacent tissues are lubricated with a greasy cream or sealed with a plaster;
  • using a special applicator in a vial, a drop of the drug is applied to the middle of the formation;
  • at the time of contact of the substance with living tissues, you may feel a burning sensation, which will soon cease;
  • small formations will disappear after one treatment, within a day;
  • large structures will take 5-6 sessions, with breaks for a day;
  • a chemical burn will occur on the treated area, which must be further processed until complete healing.

An analogue of the remedy is a pencil for warts.


Medicinal oil is prepared on the basis of fresh herbs:

  • fresh stems cut into small pieces;
  • put in a deep bowl;
  • add sunflower oil so that it covers the vegetables by two fingers;
  • place in heat for 60 minutes, then transfer to a cool, dark place (not a refrigerator);
  • after 7 days, remove and strain;
  • add the same amount of fresh oil.

After 1-2 months, they can remove small formations, treat acne, inflammation and acne.

Exhaustion Precautions

Before proceeding to the removal of warts with celandine at home, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist. The doctor will determine the type of formation, check the oncology and tell you whether herbal therapy is suitable. Any independent manipulation with skin growths poses a danger to human health. Precautions when using celandine and preparations based on it:

  1. Allergy test first. By applying a small amount of juice to a wart, the skin can become red, start to itch, swell and peel off. The application must be stopped.
  2. Treat damaged tissues with an aqueous solution of salt and soda - it neutralizes the active substances.
  3. Protect healthy skin from negative effects by first lubricating it with a greasy cream or oil.
  4. The contact time of the substance with the skin should not exceed 10 minutes.
  5. It is not necessary to open a blackened wart, pick off the scab, open the wound; it may start to ooze. As a complication, you can get blood poisoning, necrosis of adjacent tissues.
  6. During the course of treatment, it is necessary to carefully monitor the condition of the skin to avoid inflammation, chemical burns and scarring.

Can pregnant women use

Pregnancy and subsequent lactation are contraindications to the use of celandine and drugs based on it. The juice of the plant is poisonous, it contains alkaloids.

During childbearing, when a woman's body is under increased stress, the immune system weakens, poisons can harm the mother and fetus.

When breastfeeding, substances can pass to the baby with the milk and cause poisoning. Young children are vulnerable, the use of the plant should be avoided until the age of 5.

Is it normal for the wart to turn black after the procedure?

Wart removal with celandine is a burn using natural reagents: alkaloids, organic acids, essential oils. If black dots appear on the surface, the method works. Gradually, under the influence of the drug, the formation should turn completely black. Once the therapy can be stopped, the growth will soon fade.

The smoothness of the skin can be restored at no additional cost. The celandine plant is an effective and free remedy. Preparations based on it help with warts and are inexpensive.